Alicia caterham newcastle

Great grey tones

that work well
and i like that

Alicia caterham newcastle
Alicia caterham newcastle

Prima Ballerina

Something happening in the Bolshoi

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Alicia caterham newcastle
Alicia caterham newcastle

Style is all about the eye

Some people have it 
And some people don't

About Me!!!

Throne products and servicesThis is me.

THis is my website and i wanted to try and build a website that will show off my tallents and what I like.

I have Divided my website into a number sections 

I will try and keep my website updated as I gro and I hope it will be a lssting memory of who i was  through the years.

About me

This section gives you a brief idea of who i am and I expect it will change a lot as I grow up.

My Hobbies

I have loads of hobbies and this section will show you what I get up to and what I love doing

My Pets (I love animals)

At the moment I only have one dog (Maxie) and this section contains lots of funny pictures and stories all about him

My School Life

Most kids don't like school, but I do.  I am not geekie but I just know how to have a godd time with my friends


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